Writing Samples

Deven Green Cover Story
Magazine Print

Cover story with Out on the Town featuring the award wining music & comedy performer Deven Green. She is best known as America’s Best Christian: Betty Bowers and her projects like Elegantly Filthy. I had the pleasure of interviewing Green during the 2012 Canadian marriage scare. The interview with Green was very light, but she got serious when asked about her feelings on possible impacts to immigrants seeking marriage equality refuge in Canada. Green was a treat to interview, and our readership quite enjoyed hearing from her. (Note: This article was written under my birth name before coming out as non-binary.) READ MORE >>>

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Battle Scars
Short Story

This is an older piece and one of my first experimentation pieces with gender and gender presentation in writing. It’s a short story piece I wrote for a creative writing course and was written before we had fully embraced the concept of they as a pronoun.  READ MORE >>>

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Confessions of a Teenage Glitter Queen
YA LGBT Fiction

Quirky and snarky coming of age that handles the issue of being a young queer person in a “progressive” age. Some issues highlighted by the piece are: Spotlighting kids who are already trying to navigate puberty, identity and self-exploration; well intentioned allies who want to help without fully understanding how to best protect and support queer kids; allies who don’t want to be allies; queer folk with a strong sense of identity who are still discovering their purpose while still learning the fine art of navigating others’ feelings; and young adults learning how to be vulnerable while navigating a real history of environmental toxicity.  READ MORE >>>

Tales of a Part-Time Boriken
YA LGBTQ+ Novella

A diary style LGBTQ+ coming of age story from a Puerto Rican Diaspora perspective. Izzy navigates mainland life as a Puerto Rican transplant who now feels too Americanized to fit into island life, and too Puerto Rican for mainlanders. Navigating life, love, and identity, Izzy learns how to be their own Boriken in this coming of age personal introspection. READ MORE >>>

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Corporate Romance Sample

Steamy Cishet Prompt

This sample is a prompted response to a potential client’s specific requirements for plot and character details. The result was two chapters detailing flawed, humanized characters searching for purpose in a corporate world focused solely on economic conquest. Their mores and guiding principles are very different from the characters I choose to write. I am sharing this prompted response to note my ability to craft worlds and character outside Queer genres and my comfort zone.
Disclaimer: I have the legal right and permission to share this sample.

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