Kent Marrero (They/Them) is a minority writer and retired advocate born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Kent was raised in Central Florida and now resides in the heart of Florida’s modern civil rights movement– Jacksonville, Florida. They’ve worked in print and self-publishing on and off over a decade, and are here to help you tell your own story.

Services: Ghostwriting Services, Narration, Graphic Art, Lite Marketing, Developmental Editing, Sensitivity Reading, Character Development Assistance… and more.

Testimonials & Reviews

 “Was intrigued by this author’s writing style when I read the book of poems they published. When I caught wind this book [The River: The Unsung Love Story] was coming out, I just knew I had to have a copy… I recommend any book by this author, past, present, and future.”

Review Excerpt from author Henry Puckett

“Kent is a special type of talent. They are the kind you wish all of your contractors were like. They are talented in craft, meticulous to detail, creative, understanding, and amazing with communication. They take the time to understand the industry they’re working in, understand their limitations, and are multi-faceted and flexible when things change, as they tend to do in the multimedia world. I look forward to working with Kent again, as they were an asset to our organization on every level.”

Review from Award Winning Author Stephanie Kline

“The author is relentless in the transparency of [their] life and the ideological perspectives of the new world; [they] combine the ruthless truth of the here and now and with personal, heartfelt poetic rhythm, gives us a look at the world that was and now is… and if it continues – where it will go – almost dystopian with a hint of a diary written by a true poet.”

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Everyone has a story…
I’m here to help you tell yours.

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