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Professional writing services, commercial-level graphic creation, web and digital media content creation are only a few examples of the custom creative services I offer.

My skills range widely offering clients versatility and perspective in the services offered. I’m skilled in website design, site maintenance, site configuration, some front-end dev, data collection, and bring knowledge from FSO coordination and NPO advisory and lobbying roles.

I’m not stranger to publishing either. My past work ranges from writing articles for an +LGBTQ Magazine in the 2010s to working as a ghost author in the product development to product completion stages. The projects I managed produced several successful fantasy romance novels.

I’ve performed professional copywriting and creative content for small business and non-profit initiatives respectively. My first branding design was for an old friend who grew into a Queer indie musician. Later branding and site maintenance experience intertwined with my operations management experience.

I’ve built websites for myself and others, participated in paramount campaigns, worked on groundbreaking movements, and tide-changing media. My background is as diversified as I am, and brings perspective that any client will benefit from.

I entered into a design competition with a design partner against students and professionals in 2008. hosted by EA Games and Full Sail, and we took home 3rd and 1st place, as well as Best of Show.

I have worked within ICT adjacent or ICT centered fields for over (10) ten years and formally pursued visual design, coding, and technology within structured and self-directed study since graduating second in class from Orlando Tech [Orange Technical College ] in 2008. While earning my 3D Animation Technology certificates in 2008, I interned for a local news station making graphics for commercials I was tasked with compositing using Adobe After Effects.

Upon completion of my vocational college certification, I continued to a state university in Pensacola where I majored in Theatrical Studies. While I performed in University shows, my focus was centered in technical theatre and play writing.

Parallel to school, I wrote for Out on the Town Magazine which served as the first and largest LGBTQ magazine specifically publishing for a Deep South readership.

When the publication closed in 2012, I moved to Kissimmee and started work as a Deputy Field Organizer in BVL (Little Puerto Rico). After a difficult campaign I stepped back and in 2014 got back to work and attended Rollins College, a private institution in Winter Park, FL.

I wrote for the Independent Magazine and directed the operations for a high-end and internationally recognized eyelash extension boutique until Summer 2016. My time at Rollins pulled focus from several concentrated fields. While my major was English Literature, I looked at texts from a technical and interpapillary approach.

Basically, I wanted to understand what stories people share, why they share, and why certain stories are selected over others. I wanted to know what impact selecting certain stories over others had on what cultures value and what role literature and media have in meaning making.

This naturally bleed over into critical media theory and put me square in the world of cultural sociology giving perspective on why people do what they do, and why systems continue to operate in the manner they do. The results of my study concluded western media wasn’t as diverse as it’s potential readership, but that this was something we could change with a shift towards more equitable representation in literature and media.

As a Queer, Boricua with a neurodivergent mind this was and is important to me. I know that my experience of the world doesn’t always translate to the people I encounter. I’ve lived my life with pieces of myself anchored to different worlds.

Those experiences are part of what allow me to create a 4D perspective within my work. Regardless of whether impactful magical realism or developing the design for a client’s brand.

I specialize in rich character development and insightful content creation that encourages people to view their realities with a slightly different perspective and reinforces the importance of empathy.

My designs, books, and projects are derived from learning what inspires you. I want to know what you hope your audience will take away from an event, project, or design. I strive to leave your customer base feeling impacted and entertained in the way you intend.

We all carry different parts of ourselves that build a compounded and uniquely intersected whole. I help you identify the pieces of yourself, experiences, or even your products that make them part of your stories and help define the perspectives that are a part of you. 

By identifying what matters to you, I transform those personal truths into the visual, oral, and/or textual narrative you want to share with the world.

Custom Services: Ghostwriting, Narration, Graphic Art, Lite Marketing, Developmental Editing, Sensitivity Reading, Character Development Assistance, Voice Over Work, Promotional Design, Project Management, HTML & CSS design, Wiki Page management, Campaign Consultation, Novelty Short Stories, Image Coaching, Information Management… and more.


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