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Kent (They/Them) was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Central Florida.

They’ve studied Critical and Cultural Media at Rollins College and Theatre at the University of West Florida as well as undertaken continuing education courses on SEO and Project Management through the Coursera platform.

Kent was salutatorian in their 3D Animation studies program and is the winner of an EA Games and Full Sail sponsored digital art competition, taking 1st place and Best of Show against students and professionals alike.

With over a decade of artistic, operational, non-profit and project/program management experience, it is with great pride and pleasure that they offer their skill set as a means to help others achieve their goals.

Creative Project and Business Solutions

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Welcome to Kent Writes Stuff, a fully remote creative project and digital business solutions agency located in the United States and operating out of Florida. We provide highly customized and personalized business solutions like marketing, branding and process development to individuals, start-ups, and established companies. As a bespoke agency, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we specialize in creative, digital, project, portfolio, financial, writing, social media marketing, and modern business solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs and budgets.

Our Beginning and Our Present

At Kent Writes Stuff, we are more than a business consulting agency. Our founder, Kent Marrero, started as a solo digital designer in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew into a network of creative and analytical professionals who are passionate about providing actionable solutions for individuals and companies alike. With technical experience in ICT project management, philanthropic executive support, and non-profit advisory, Kent understood what makes and breaks organizations: meaningful support. Our mission is to empower our clients and marginalized communities working to thrive by building a network that works together to push clients and communities forward. Join us on our journey to reach your full potential.

Why Choose a Digital Agency?

In a fast-paced and evolving online landscape, everyone is telling stories through marketing and branding. Businesses and individuals are trying to capture the attention of their target audiences. At Kent Writes Stuff, our network of proven industry professionals come well equipped with creative skillsets like web design, website content creation, story production, and professional editing, as well as professional experience in creative and technical project management, SEO marketing, financial advising, brand identity, and operations consulting.

Our network’s diverse and proven experience allow us the privilege to offer our clients a perfect medley of creative flair matched by quality follow-through that lets your authentic voice shine through. We will keep your projects on task and make sure you stand out whether you need online publishing, digital content, technical writing, operations consultation, or online marketing support. Kent Writes Stuff’s remote professional network is here to make your life and projects more manageable.


We create designs and content that uplift our spirits and that support the human rights of marginalized communities. Each collection in the KWS Design Shop is personally rendered or approved by the KWS crew. We hope our designs bring a smile to your face while simultaneously reminding you that spiteful resilience sometimes is just enough to keep us going. So, support a trans-owned business and purchase your favorite items from KWS Design Shop today!

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Your support fuels our mission to encourage meaningful content, champion inclusive business practices, and provide affordable solutions and resources to talented startups in need. Let’s celebrate the courage to hope, the bravery to forge a modern professional landscape, and unite in fostering creativity and success.


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