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Make a Visual Impact

Discover stunning, effective brand marketing and design work in Kent’s visual portfolio. Featuring exceptional brand identity items like logo design, business card creation, advertising images, and more, as well as unique branding and content creation solutions for artists and authors. Let’s work together to elevate your brand and bring your vision to life.

KWS Branding & Digital Designs

First impressions are vital in a growing digital marketing landscape. Kent Writes Stuff knows that first hand, and this is why we dedicate ourselves to learning what story you want to communicate with your target market audience. Creating a pretty pictures is easy. Capturing and effectively conveying your brand identity and product messaging is our specialty.

What Story Will You Tell?

KWS Business & Creative Design Consulting

Clip & Grind Logo with Purple Background

Clip & Grind, LLC

Wandering Teacher Books

Wandering Teacher Books

Cristina Marrero Books with Map

Cristina Marrero Books

We are loyal to our clients at Kent Writes Stuff and will take any opportunity to share their vision with the world. Community builds strength and strength is everything in branding.

Book Trailers & ClientBranding

We create and voice book trailers and help you find your branded voice so the story you share with your audience counts.

ARTronica Best of Show & 1st Place
EA Games & Full Sail

Jake O' Lantern by Kent Marrero and Robin Hamblin
Best of Show Jake O' Lantern by Kent Marrero and Robin Hamblin
Jake O' Lantern by Kent Marrero and Robin Hamblin

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