Kent Marrero



I'm a Puerto Rican, Queer writer and social justice proponent. I live and works from Jacksonville, Florida, and am invested in uplifting my local community. I've worked in print and self-publishing on and off over the course of last decade and use literature as a tool for liberation. ​As a Genderqueer author, my bread and butter is LGBTQ+ fiction for Young Adult and Early Adulthood audiences. This is intentional. My goal is to increase authentic representation for the next generation so otherness is normalized and accepted. When I ghost write for cisgender, heterosexual audiences, I add a personal flair that includes diverse representation via the main character or the world's supporting/scenery characters. As a bilingual individual, I even include Spanglish from time to time. My style usually has a hit of well-placed humor to diffuse tension, but never at the cost of sacrificing the serious undertones my pieces attempt to explore. If you like the humor style of Dear White People, The Good Place, and Keeping You a Secret, then you will love my work. Writing highlights include staff writer for a semi-national LGBTQ+ magazine, eight 4+ star ghostwritten books for Top Rated Ghostwriters clients, one fantasy audiobook, one self-published LGBTQ+ Romance novel, a self-published book of spoken word poetry, an unpublished one-act play, an unpublished short story collection, and an unpublished Young Adult coming of age novel.