My Company & Background

My company offers clients versatility and cultural perspective. Whether the project is web design, site maintenance, site configuration, lite front-end development, data collection, or project management–I provide a uniquely empathetic and coordinated approach.

I’ve worked since I was fourteen and my work background ranges from articles, ghost authorship, and successful fantasy romance portfolio management.

I’ve performed professional copywriting and provided creative content creation for small business like Clip and Grind, LLC and Wandering Teacher Books.

My first branding design was for an old acquaintance who transformed into a Queer indie musician. Later branding and site maintenance experience intertwined with my operations management roles and community organizing.

I’ve built websites for myself and others, participated in paramount community campaigns, worked on groundbreaking movements, and participated in tide-changing media.

My background is as diverse as I am, and that perspective is an asset any client will benefits from.

Winner of a design competition hosted by EA Games and Full Sail, I’ve taken 3rd and 1st place, as well as Best of Show competing against students and professionals.

Since graduating second in class from Orange Technical College in 2008, I found career success working within ICT fields. After a decade of visual design, coding, and project development I’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio that showcases my industrious creativity.

Out on the Town Magazine was my first staff writer role and was an honor as it was the largest LGBTQ magazine that specifically published for a Deep South readership.

Later, I wrote for the Independent Magazine while serving as the operations for a high-end and internationally recognized eyelash extension boutique in Winter Park, FL.

The culmination of my life journey and career development left me wanting to understand what stories people share, why they share, and why certain stories are selected over others.

I wanted to know what impact selecting certain stories over others had on what cultures value and what role literature and media have in meaning making.

As a neurodivergent person this was and is important to me. I know that my experience of the world doesn’t always translate to the people I encounter.

Those lived experiences are part of what give me an edge over my competitors. Portraying flawed characters without scapegoats is my specialty whether I am writing magical realism or developing a design my client’s brand.

Insightful content creation reinforces the importance of empathy, and that’s why my designs, books, and projects are centered in learning what inspires you and your audience.

We all carry complicated and nuanced stories. I help you identify the pieces of yourself, your experiences, and your products that make your audience connect with your journey and ideas.

Are you ready to share your story with the world?

My Author Bio

Kent (They/Them) writes LGBTQ+ intersectional characters for all audiences to increase authentic representation. Their style usually has a hint of well-placed humor that diffuses audience tension without sacrificing any heavier undertones. If you like the humor of Dear White People, you will love Kent’s style. 

Work highlights include Staff Writer for a national LGBTQ+ magazine publication, professional ghostwriting, one self-published LGBTQ+ Romance novel, a self-published book of spoken word poetry, unpublished one-act play, unpublished short story collection, and an unpublished YA coming of age novel.